• ​Dried blood spots
  • 20 samples
  • 20 minutes to 20 hours sampling-schedule
  • 3-10 µl sample volume

User programs the control unit to collect samples at desired time-points and intervals.


  • Width: 40 - 50 mm
  • Height: 28 mm
  • Length: 70 mm

Fluispotter can be secured to the skin with the special adhesive patch which comes with the catheter or it can be placed in the pocket of a jacket for larger animals (> 1 kg).

Total Weight

  • 70 grams

Fluispotter CONTROL Kit™

  • Fluispotter Control Unit™
    • rechargeable battery
    • programmable by user
    • LED light indicators
  • Fluispotter Docking Station™
    • for charging of control unit
    • for use during programming of control unit
  • FluiConnect Software™
    • easy programming on Windows PC
    • end-user designs sampling schedule
  • USB cable
  • Disassembly Tool
  • Instructions for Use

Fluispotter Cartridge Kit™

  • Fluispotter Cartridge™
    • sterile single use item
    • blood-contaminated parts are disposable
    • contains CE approved PerkinElmer226 paper for collection of Dried Blood Spots
  • Fluispotter Adhesive patch™
  • Quick Guide

Fluispotter CatheterS

  • Fluispotter Catheter 45™
    • sterile package with unique multilumen sampling catheter and connector​


  • Cook Peel-Away Pedriatric Introducer Set (C-PLIP-3.5-18)
  • CitraFlow 4%
  • Needles 27G 0.40x6mm
  • Arrow Clamp with fastener for 4Fr
  • Grip-Lok Securement Device for Arrow PICC/CVC


NEW Employees

Fluisense has full focus on CE approval of Fluispotter and in order to reach the goal we are happy that is has been possible to strengthen the team with four new employees.


Organisation changes

Malene Schrøder takes over the position as CEO. Sten Velschow continues as CTO.


Fluisense hires

Fluisense has added three strong resources to the team; we are happy to welcome Anita Gundorph, Sanne Larsen and Helle Key Jensen.



Fluisense has been granted patent in Europe. EP 2884895.


Patent granted in Europe

Fluisense has been granted patent in Europe. EP 2884896.


Innovation Fund Denmark is investing in the clinical validation of Fluispotter

Fluisense has been granted 5.8 mio DKK to test Fluispotter in a 3 year project with Rigshospitalet and Herlev Hospital.


COmpany info

Fluisense ApS

CVR/VAT: 32780571


Gydevang 20A

DK-3450 Allerød


Phone: +45 25 94 05 95

E-mail: info@fluisense.com