you need fluispotter®

If you are serious about 3R

Fluispotter® enables more data at higher quality to be obtained with fewer animals and less pain and discomfort. 


​When you need samples without stressing the subject

Fluispotter® samples without the animal being able to tell. In fact by using Fluispotter® we have been able to show that unstressed cortisol levels are a lot lower than found using conventional methods. Because any other sampling method is more stressful to the animal.

When you need​ samples around the clock

Fluispotter® works fully automatically around the clock. No need to have staff working long hours into the night.

When you need to get the most out of your valuable primate study

In expensive and hard to get studies where animals are scarce adding a Fluispotter® will get you all the samples you need to monitor biomarkers and be sure to get all your data. 

When manual sampling is just not an option

If you need samples while performing sensitive measurements such as ECG or EEG and you don't want the stress from the sampling to show in your measurements. Fluispotter® is the perfect match for behavioral pharmacology and cardiovascular safety pharmacology studies as well as studies on diurnal rhythm.

When you need samples from sleeping or ambulatory animals

​Are your animals freely moving, climbing, running, sleeping or socializing while you need to sample them Fluispotter will take your samples without limiting the freedom of movement, sleep or social interaction of your animals.

When timing is everything

The Fluispotter takes your samples at exactly the time you programmed it to. Timing is based on online NIST calibrated time sources, and all sampling times are documented in a GLP-compliant tamperproof log file.

When you need more samples than you can get

Fluispotter® wastes no blood when sampling and each sample is just 10 µL, so there is no ethical limit to how many samples you can take with the Fluispotter. By using the Fluispotter in your PK/PD studies you will get more samples more accurately with a lot less work and much improved animal welfare.

When you need many animals to be sampled at exactly the same time

With Fluispotter® you can sample all your animals in sync at the same time point, without an army of technicians.

​When you are short on staff

Fluispotter® works completely autonomously, so your staff can do other work while Fluispotter® does the sampling.​

When Animal Welfare is Important

Fluispotter® is safe and comfortable for the animals. In fact it is safe enough to have been tested in humans.

Furthermore, Fluispotter® is designed and manufactured as a Medical Device by an ISO 13485:2016 certified Medical Device company.

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New publication on cortisol measurements in Beagle dogs​

​New results just published show that when blood samples are collected in a completely stress-free way, blood cortisol levels in dogs are significantly lower.


Fluisense completes iso 13485:2016 certification

Fluisense is certified for Design, Development, Manufacturing and distribution.
​Fluisense has a certified Class 8 clean-room for contract manufacturing of sterile medical devices.


​Clinical investigation initiated

Fluisense has initiated the healthy volunteer study at DanTrials.


PATENT update

Fluisense has been granted patent in the US. ​


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