This fully portable automated blood sampling system is a unique, new technology to be used for collection and storage of blood samples with minimal blood loss in laboratory animals.

The system is especially beneficial in studies where concentration or presence of analytes in blood needs to be determined frequently over the course of up to 24 hours; or where determination of analytes needs to be performed without disturbing or interfering with the free roaming test subject at the time of sampling; or where limited freedom to move, discomfort and stress associated with conventional blood sampling techniques would interfere with the purpose of the study or cause unwanted distress to the animal.

​Indications for use could be pharmacokinetics and dynamics, physiology, patho-physiology studies in basic and applied research where analytes are non-volatile and can withstand drying and re-suspension before further analysis (e.g. HPLC, LC/MS, ELISA).


  • European patent granted
  • US patent pending
  • Japan patent pending.


  • ​Dried blood spots
  • ​24-hour sampling
  • ​20+ samples
  • ​10 µl sample volume
  • ​Up to 2 samples per minute
  • ​Sampling schedule programmed by user
  • ​Contaminated parts are disposables

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Fluisense completes iso 13485:2016 certification

Fluisense has a certified Class 8 clean-room for contract ma nufacturing of sterile medical devices.


​Clinical investigation initiated

Fluisense has initiated the healthy volunteer study at DanTrials.


PATENT update

Fluisense has been granted patent in the US. ​


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