​This wearable automated blood sampling system is a unique, new technology to be used for collection and storage of 20 serial blood samples over the course of 20 hours or less with minimal blood loss in animals. Fluispotter is not yet approved for human use.

Fluispotter is programmable and will collect the samples according to individually designed sampling schedules decided by the user. Drops of blood are dispensed onto a roll of special paper at a requested rate, and can subsequently be analyzed one by one.

The system records the timing of each sample thus enabling accurate monitoring of changes in the blood.

Fluispotter is especially beneficial in studies where:

  • ​Concentration or presence of analytes in blood needs to be determined frequently over the course of 20 hours or less
  • ​Determination of analytes needs to be performed without disturbing or interfering with the free roaming animal at the time of sampling
  • ​Limited freedom to move, discomfort and stress associated with conventional blood sampling techniques would interfere with the purpose of the study or cause unwanted distress to the subject

Indications for use could be studies in basic and applied research, e.g.:

  • endocrinology
  • pharmacokinetics and –dynamics (PK/PD)
  • physiology
  • pathophysiology​

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​The Fluispotter technology makes use of the well-known Dried Blood Spot (DBS) technology in a new unique way. The Fluispotter can be used for all DBS applications already validated in the lab.


The Fluispotter contains validated PerkinElmer226 paper custom-made to fit our requirements.​


NEW Employees

Fluisense has full focus on CE approval of Fluispotter and in order to reach the goal we are happy that is has been possible to strengthen the team with four new employees.


Organisation changes

Malene Schrøder takes over the position as CEO. Sten Velschow continues as CTO.


Fluisense hires

Fluisense has added three strong resources to the team; we are happy to welcome Anita Gundorph, Sanne Larsen and Helle Key Jensen.



Fluisense has been granted patent in Europe. EP 2884895.


Patent granted in Europe

Fluisense has been granted patent in Europe. EP 2884896.


Innovation Fund Denmark is investing in the clinical validation of Fluispotter

Fluisense has been granted 5.8 mio DKK to test Fluispotter in a 3 year project with Rigshospitalet and Herlev Hospital.


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