clinical investigation initiated

Feb 2021

Fluisense has initiated the healthy volunteer study at DanTrials to test safety and performance of Fluispotter. 

This will be the first ever trial to test fully automated serial blood sampling from a human with a wearable device fixed on the upper arm. 


patent update

​Jan 2021

Fluisense has been grated patent in the US:

US10895253 (B2) was granted in Jan 2021 covering a micropump for constant infusion.

patent update

April 2020

​Fluisense has been granted patents in Europe, Japan and US:

US10286149 (B2) was granted in May 2018 covering the initial invention of unidirectional flow and a flow-controller.

JP6393309 (B2) was granted in Aug 2018 covering the entire Fluispotter system.

US10064575 (B2) was granted in Sept 2018 covering the multilumen catheter.

JP6595451 (B2) was granted in Oct 2019 covering the multilumen catheter.

​EP3408537 (A1) was granted in Apr 2020 covering one of the micropump technologies developed for Fluispotter


December 21 2016

Fluisense ApS has been granted European patent on our Multilumen Catheter. Patent no. EP 2884895. Priority claimed in April 2013.


May 25 2016

Fluisense ApS has been granted European patent on Fluispotter System. Patent no. EP 2884896. Priority claimed in April 2013.

​innovation fund denmark is investing in the clinical validation of Fluispotter

February 18 2016

​Innovation Fund Denmark has granted Fluisense 5.8 mio DKK to test the clinical value of Fluispotter as a diagnostic tool in patients. The project is a three year collaboration between Fluisense, Dept. of Clinical Biochemistry and Dept. of Endocrinology at Rigshospitalet and Dept. of Paediatrics at Herlev Hospital. The device will be used to measure stress hormones in adult and adolescent patients suffering from hormonal disorders that are very challenging and time consuming to diagnose with available procedures. For more information about the project please contact Project Manager Malene Schrøder, COO.

For a Danish project description, please refer to the website of Innovation Fund Denmark:

Patent granted in japan

July 31 2015

​Fluisense ApS has got granted and validated patent in Japan. The patent was published in Patent Gazette on July 8th 2015. Patent no. JP 5746973. Priority claimed in December 2008.

fluisense presents feasibility study at "Minipig research forum" in rome

May 27 2015

As invited speaker at the Minipig Research Forum (May 21-22, 2015) Sten Velschow presented the outcome of a collaboration between Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S, CiToxLAB Scantox A/S and Fluisense ApS. 

Fluispotter was tested on Minipigs in a small-scale 24 hour PK-feasibility study, where the pigs were dosed with a test substance and 20 blood samples collected, while the pigs were in their pens. If you want to learn more about the study please contact Fluisense here.

fluisense in medwatch

May ​13 2015

As a consequence of a succesfull dialogue with the new initiative "One Entry" ("Én Indgang") to Capital Region Denmark, Sten Velschow was interviewed for MedWatch. You can read the full article in MedWatch here.

Two International patent applications published

​October 24 2014

Two international patent applications have been published under PCT as 'WO 2014-169923 Multi Lumen Catheter' and 'WO 2014-169924 Improved Fluid Sampling System'.

First successful 24-hour study with Fluispotter​

July 4 2014​

​The small wearable Fluispotter has just finished taking a full 24-hour blood profile from a freely moving pig housed in its pen. The 70 gram device was mounted on the pig under full anaesthesia and placed securely in the pocket of a jacket. After the surgery the pig was replaced to its pen to wake up.

Fluispotter performed as planned for the duration of the study; hence it maintained patency of the catheter and extracted blood samples at the predetermined time points. The sampling was fully automatic and unsupervised.

The pig was dosed with Acetaminophen and the resulting Dried Blood Spot samples will be analyzed at the University of Copenhagen and will generate a PK-curve.​


April 16 2014

​Fluisense will be present and exhibiting Fluispotter at the 44th Annual ScandLAS Symposium in Stockholm at the Waterfront Congress Center, from the 24th to 26th of April 2014. 

Come and meet Sten Velschow and Malene Schrøder at the Fluisense booth and get an introduction to the Fluispotter. We will be showing an eye-catching 3D-video presentation of the device.​

​Patent granted in selected european countries

Jan 6 2014

​Fluisense ApS has now got granted and validated patent in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

First exhibition at ScandLas 2013 in Tallinn April 16th to 19th

Apr 18 2013

From April 16th to 19th Fluisense attended the 43rd Annual ScandLAS Symposium in Tallinn as exhibitors. Malene Schrøder was there for the first public showing of our portable automated blood sampling system for laboratory animals, the Fluispotter!


​Clinical investigation initiated

Fluisense has initiated the healthy volunteer study at DanTrials.


PATENT update

Fluisense has been granted patent in the US. ​


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