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Are you designing a study, where you worry - or know - that the stress of collecting serial blood samples affects the quality of your data ? Then don't hesitate to contact us, for a discussion of your needs and ideas and a detailed description of what the Fluispotter® technology offers.

Fluispotter® is available for veterinary use in preclinical research and for diagnostic purposes in the veterinary clinic. Fluispotter® has been tested for safety and performance in laboratory dogs and pigs in collaboration with BioAdvice A/S and Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S.

Fluispotter® is not yet available on the human clinical market, but the device has been successfully tested for safety and performance in a clinical trial. Fluisense does engage with research entities at universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies etc.


For further information about Fluispotter® and availability, please contact us here.


Fluisense completes iso 13485:2016 certification

Fluisense has a certified Class 8 clean-room for contract ma nufacturing of sterile medical devices.


​Clinical investigation initiated

Fluisense has initiated the healthy volunteer study at DanTrials.


PATENT update

Fluisense has been granted patent in the US. ​


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